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Growing Theory-Backed Template Library

AIDA Social Media

Create engaging social media content based on the AIDA framework, guiding the user from grabbing attention to prompting action. Tailored to resonate with audiences on specific platforms for maximum impact.

AUM Briefing

Craft a meticulous pre-departure briefing for students set to embark on an exchange program. Using the AUM Theory, the briefing encompasses academic, cultural, and personal development aspects.

Personalised E-mails

Craft an engaging email highlighting past interactions and offering targeted recommendations for a meaningful and effective message aimed at a diverse multifaceted audience.

Culturally Aware E-mails

Tailor recruitment e-mails and align them with cultural communication contexts, using Edward and Mildred Hall’s theoretical framework to ensure messages resonate authentically across different audiences.

Framing Effect Promotion

Devise emotionally resonant promotions for international programs by leveraging the framing effect, enhancing the appeal and value of the program, and ensuring it stands out to the intended audience.

FOMO Campaign

Develop a compelling Fear of Missing Out campaign to boost applications for specific international programs by portraying the unique benefits of the program and showcasing its limited availability.

Inter-Cultural Blueprint

Get practical advice on navigating intercultural negotiations and collaborations, focusing on understanding cultural differences, and offering tailored recommendations for successful engagement.

Suggestion Blueprint

Based on Tuckman’s model, this framework suggests international events based on the month of preference, ensuring events are designed keeping effective team collaboration and relevance in mind. 

Partnership Assesment

Assess your international partnerships by constructing a SWOT analysis for your collaboration. It highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relevant to the nature and objectives of the partnership.

Workshop Schedule

Create a one-day workshop schedule based on David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory. The Experiential Learning Theory emphasizes the role of experience in the learning process, making workshops more engaging and productive.

Partnerships Analysis

Use the PESTEL analysis to gauge the viability of potential international academic partnerships. By delving deep into macro-environmental considerations, it aids in forming a strategic blueprint for forging impactful collaborations.

Skyscraper Article

Elevate your article or report writing by layering well-researched content, introducing distinct perspectives, and anchoring with pertinent data or examples, in alignment with the Skyscraper approach. Generate and refine for best results.

A.I Chat Consultants

Your very own, 24/7 available Chat Consultants provide you with personalised and specialised conversations and interactions. Choose from a variety of specialised consultants in management, communication, technology, travel, complaints, and career progression. Easily save and export conversations from your dashboard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TechBoard currently free?

Yes, currently, the TechBoard is absolutely free to use. As we are in a Beta Testing Phase, there will be no cost involved until further notice.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. We don't store or process any of your data. All your input is saved in your browser where only you can access it. None of the A.I outputs are processed or used for model training.

What are the risks associated with Generative A.I?

Like any Generative AI technology there is, of course, the risk of potentially incorrect information so we would advise everyone to read any generated output with an open but critical mind and fact-check any information before taking it for granted.

We are constantly working to ensure our models are as accurate as possible but in case you do notice any anomaly or incorrect replies please get in touch with us.

What technology is TechBoard using?

We currently use OpenAI's GPT 4 model. We've found GPT4 to be the most reliable, accurate and powerful model to produce optimal content.

I have a specific use case, can you help?

Certainly! If you have an idea or just a very useful prompt you'd like to use, send us a message and we'll implement it for the community, absolutely free of charge.

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