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for educational purposes only

Instant Cross-Cultural intel to ensure success on your next trip!

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How does this work?

Very simply actually. Using OpenAI's technology in the back-end we've prompted the chatbot to use our preferred mix of cross-cultural communication theory to come up with high quality personalised advice for professionals in International Education and other International Affairs/Business areas.

If you like this and would like to collaborate or get your own version, message Cato on Linkedin.

Is the chatbot perfect?

Like any Generative AI technology there. is, of course, the risk of potentially incorrect information so we would advise everyone to read the brief with an open but critical mind and fact-check any information before taking it for granted.

We are constantly working to ensure our models are as accurate as possible but in case you do notice any anomaly or incorrect replies please use the feedback form to let us know about it.

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