Clearing round-up; YouTube quietly rolled out podcasting; Student creators are the future of higher ed marketing — Education Marketer

by | Feb 16, 2023 | International Education News

10 Things to Know About Higher Education News

1. English Literature has fallen out of the top 10 subject choices for students.
2. Google is updating its algorithm and this will have an impact on higher education marketing.
3. Student creators are the future of higher education marketing.
4. Medium tariff institutions have outperformed the Russell Group in Clearing this year.
5. Private schools have seen the biggest drop in A grade achievers – down 25-30 percentage points to 58%.
6. Academies and comprehensives have seen lower A grade achievers, at 35% and 30% respectively.
7. YouTube has quietly rolled out a podcasting hub and is paying creators up to $300,000 to move platform.
8. Instagram is launching a dual camera mode and will roll out “IG Candid” next month.
9. Universities have reported fewer DMs and social media engagement during Clearing this year.
10. Student advice and guidance was popular on peer-focused sites like Student Crowd and TSR.

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